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Re: apistos for the beginner

In a message dated 4/30/2002 4:44:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, apisto99@hotmail.com writes:

clown loaches in the
tank as a way to clear an exploding snail problem.  Clearly, clown loaches
and their voracious appetites don't mesh well with trying to breed apistos.

sounds to me like you know what has been going on. I love breeding apistos and sharing them with my friends.(locally of course) Once in a while I even get a buck or two to help pay for the blackworms and bbs I use amongst other things.

I don't usually breed in community style tanks and when I see a pair breed or who has tried to breed in a community tank I move them to a bare bottom, sponge filter type setup with no competing fish.

I have all the Apistos and other dwarfs anyone could want and yes I do return some to my planted tank just for show and observation. But, I really enjoy observing the whole mating procedure. I love it when the parents get along and take care of the young. Sometimes that's not possible but, when it is it's to me quite interesting.

I do setup dwarfs like the Filamentosus and some east Africans in gravel sand and planted tanks because they seem to need it that way. The others couldn't care less in my opinion. Well at least that's what has been working for me.(That's my little disclaimer) Keeps me from getting jumped all over by others who don't agree.<G>

Well, anyhow enjoy and remember "One Tank at a Time" hehehe. I started with 1 now I know I'm over 25 but, I actually have to go around and count now to make sure what I have. Just got my first big tank the other day. 160 gallons. No, I'm not keeping apistos in that but, if people knew what I was doing with it they would know for sure I am crazy...hehehe
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