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Re: apistos for the beginner

Jerry and Colin, thanks for your input. I think I'd go with cacatuoides. I've always been fond of them, and I often see more than one color variety in my LFS.

Jerry, you mentioned trying to work out what might be going wrong with my mamore spawns. Here's a little more info:

Of the three times that I've thought they've spawned, I can only attest to seeing eggs on one of the occasions. The female layed a clutch of eggs on the underside of a rock. At the time I had a pair of clown loaches in the tank as a way to clear an exploding snail problem. Clearly, clown loaches and their voracious appetites don't mesh well with trying to breed apistos. Once the snail onslaught subsided the loaches were returned to my LFS. Anyhow, the female continued to try and try to bully the loaches away (even though they showed little interest in her eggs). When she failed to move them, she started to eat the eggs herself (perhaps giving herself all the good nutrients she'd need for the next go at egg laying?). So in that case, I feel there's an explanation for the lack of free swimming fry. On the other two occasions, I never saw the eggs. Both times, the female turned yellow, her lateral line disappeared, and a fleck of black pigmentation appeared just under her eyes. Perhaps teh eggs weren't fertilized? I'm constantly working slowly at building up the tank, and I feel that things might bode better once there is a little more plant cover. It's been obvious that each time I add more plants that all three mamore become more active and display more breeding behaviors.

Any thoughts?

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