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Re: Fascinating!

Sounds interesting.
  I have a pair of Panduro who just aren't into it right now. I've been up and down the scale as far as TDS is concerned. I also use the peat sack and there is some Java moss in with most of my fish. Just the other day I had to divide their 20 to fit in another pair of breeders. I'm thinking maybe they will each get other going. Right now I'm stuffing them with blackworms and doing that thing with having patience. I don't use dithers. But, if I have to I will remove a fish if there is a problem.

  The other day I thought I heard someone say the Romer said they bred best in med. hard water. I raised my TDS a little just to see because it wasn't working the other way so I'll hang with it a while and if not. I'll work my way back down.

  Thanks for the info every little bit helps.

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