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little bit of subject

hi all,
sorry for posting on somethig not 100% dwarf cichlid related but i was
wondering if someone knew what the equivalent of Interzoo is in the US? A
friend told me WWASPA but i couldn't find anything related to fish business.
Any help would be appreciate (see my e-mail address here-after).

concerning the multiple spawning: i observed this as well in my display tank
with A. rot punkt. the male use to sapwn the three female in that tank in a
very organized and regular order. When he was done assuming is dadyhood with
the third female he was going back to the 1st one (his favorite) and was
starting again! interesting to watch, as mom were stilling each others
babies all the time!

have a great we.

Yvan Alleau
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"When you're far from everything, you're getting closer to the essential"

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