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Re: A total beginner

  I do agree with it being too many for the size tank you are using for breeding. When they go into breeding mode they become more defensive and will definitely end of fighting or eating the fry.

  As for mixing the West African with the SA dwarf well, I do it in my planted 55 gallon and it's not a problem as long as there is enough space. I just wouldn't put two pairs of the same west Africans in the same tank.

  A pair of cacatuoides or Borellii in you 24" tank will be an interesting experience for you. You will enjoy the way they breed and raise their young much better then worrying about all the other stuff that could be going on with those other fish in the mix. I think that would be a nice start. The Borellii is a beautiful fish the opal or the yellow. The yellow actually get a real nice blue body. The cacatuoides is also to me like a 57 chevy a real classic. If you feed and take care of them well they can be real beauties. Mine actually seem to know me and I think they care about me as much as I care about them. So good luck. And most of enjoy your fish.

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