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Re: A total beginner


Which part of Scotland are you in? If, as in most of the highlands, you've got ultra-soft, peaty water, you may have problems with Cacatuoides. I've got this water in my Apisto tanks and the only ones I CANT breed are Cacatoos:-(. I'd agree with the Borellis though, they can be very pretty. Another alternative might be my N. Parilus:-) They ARE very agressive though so you can't really mix them with much else, but they kepp breeding, and breeding and....


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From: "Barbara NEWLAND"
Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 07:52:03 +0100
Subject: A total beginner

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Hello - I am a total beginner and have been told that I could house 3 pairs of dwarfs (Kribs, Borelli and Cau..... which I can't   spell) together in a 2 foot tank and that they possibly could breed.  My main interest is breeding - am I on the right lines.  Barbara (Scotland UK).


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