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What's the news?

How are things? How are the Adoketas? When do you think they'll be ready?
It looks like I may have found a transport company that will bring any orders to Spain:-). They may take a little longer than UPS etc. but that shouldn't be a big problem if they're bagged correctly. 
Because of this and also because I'm just about to buy a house (I decided not to buy my current one because of cost and lack of a phone line) I'm now pretty sure that I won't be coming over in the near future (can you let Ray know as he offered to collect me from the airport.) Ray offered to let me have some A. Wilhelmi so maybe it would be best to send them together. My Juruensis are doing nicely as are pretty well all of the spawns I've got, though some (esp. the Cruzi) were very small spawns.
Is there anything especially nice, either in BAS or Pier? Maybe you could persuade them to hold onto some of them for me until I've got the new house (should be before the end of June) I can send money if that's needed.
Any news about Atahualpa Sunsets? If you can find any I'm looking for at least three pairs if possible. I don't suppose any of those Nanochromis that you mentioned are still available?
I now have a regular order in with my local glass merchant for the glass to make 2 120x35x35cm aquaria every month (these will actually be divided either in two or in three) so I should soon be back to getting more fish, once I've relocated all my babies, of course:-).
Gice my regards to your other half.



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