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Reconditioning driftwood

Hi y'all,

I've got this large driftwood that I inadvertently left to
dry up.  I would like to use it in my apisto tank since it
worked great before, but it might need a major
reconditioning.  Not only does it float now but also leach
phosphoric acids or something into the water column.   Can
someone help me with this undertaking?

When I took it out of a bag, it was covered with brown dust
like substances which resembled ground up sphagnum peat
moss.  I soaked the driftwood in hot water replacing the hot
water a number of times and then used it for a while in my
planted tank (weighted down with a rock) but I had to pull
it out since it started to raise phosphate count and the
water surface was covered with some sort of colloidal
substance - a clear layer that trapped all oxygen bubbles
from the plants.  I hate to describe it this way, but it
looked like someone spitted a lot on the water.  It was also
driving my alkalinity down really fast.(KH dropped by 2
points within two days.)

Do you think I can somehow save this driftwood to use in one
of my apisto tanks or should I throw it away?



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