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Re: R/O

> Which reverse osmosis unit do you use?
> How much was it?
> Where did you get it/ order online?
> HOw much is it?
> Thanks
> Im looking into getting R/O so i can keep some of the more blackwater
> apistogrammas.
> My tap water has no GH or KH for some reason and is around PH 6.8
> Do you think that is good enough? From what I hear you need a PH in the 4s
> and 5s for a lot of the nicer species...
> Thanks
> Coby
Why bother to use a R/O unit, I got similar water as you ( kH <1,  gH = 2-3)
and I have no problem with lowering my pH.
a R/O unit only gives you water with gH=0 and kH=0, it does not make it more
acid alone.

Arild Madsen

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