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Re: ..?s on a few apistos

  I must admit I looked to see if anyone else answered your message before me but, it looks like I'm it for now. I'm not a Mike Wise but, with the small experience I've had with "breeding" it's really hard for me to tell you try this one it is easy. Yes, some take a little more work when it comes to conditioning and setting the stage for them to be put in the mood for spawning.

You see yes we sometimes refer to ourselves as breeders but, actually we just set the stage for the fish to do the spawning. That's what a breeder is and yes if you don't have all the automatic stuff it can be work. I mean when you tired and you know that fish needs a 5 gallon water change everyday well, you have to be willing to do it. If you know it does well on blackworms you have to have a source etc..etc..

  Anyhow out of your list I've only worked with the Bitaeniata they can be great fish but, the first time I had them it took for ever before I could tell what the fry were. That is who was male and who was female. Hopefully I'll be better at it this time.

  You will probably get a lot more advice but, pick the fish you really like and learn all you can about it. Then go set the stage and wait for them to decide to spawn. Just be ready for doing water changes. A key to success.
                                                         Good Luck
                                                   Most of all Have Fun

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