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Re: water changes in fry tank

Geez I know what buttons to push huh?
You have been too quiet lately. But, I sure got you out didn't I. Hehehe.
Well, I was just telling John I'm going to see if the old chevy will make it up the pike for Sunday morning. Hopefully I'll get there around 9: am. I just heard from Al Yunker and Randy Carey E-mailed me yesterday. Of course Mike from 3 guys invited me so I suppose I'll be hanging with most of those guys. Randy is speaking on Sat. but, my club has an auction so I have to wait till Sunday. Randy said he will be there for the beginning of the auction then he has to catch a flight. I heard he's a real nice guy would like to get a chance to say hi! Also I had mentioned to Eric one of Al's partners that it would be nice to get a look at the new place he's setting up. I guess everyone wants a tour. I'm not sure if he's into that. Anyhow hope you can make it out. And I hope I gave that girl the right info. It always sounds good when you say a wise old man.<G>

By the way I go my first article published in our clubs newsletter this month. I decided to start to do the articles for the BAP program. They said it only needed to be a paragraph. Yeah that's like telling me to send a short e-mail.
Well, anyhow when I handed the guy a couple articles and told him I had about 20 or so more to go but, it would take a little time. He said I have to talk to you. You know in that voice where someone is getting ready to ask you to do something for them. They want me to think about being the BAP chairman. Man I'll tell you I don't know how some people keep up I like to do things as they come I hate to have to start meeting deadlines and stuff again.
Well, good to hear from you hope all is well and really hope you can make it out Sunday. I'm probably coming alone. Might bring one of my sons with me.