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Re: water changes in fry tank

I just heard from him. You need to push certain buttons to bring him out. He did ask what old man I was talking about.<G>

I use to worry about all that junk on the bottom too when I was first raising fry and that was one of the first thing "He" taught me. Don't worry about it. I use to put coffee filters over the siphon end and try to do it that way. Man did that take forever so I've adopted the KISS principals and I've been living happily ever after. And yes so have the fry.

Funny thing my wife had her first Betta spawn. So she was asking me about changing water. Now they only have a half tank of water in the first place. I said take out about a gallon of water squeeze out the sponge filter and then just replace the water. So what does she do she takes out the water and then she squeezes out the sponge filter inside the tank with the fry. Any you wonder why I'm crazy. hehehe I couldn't stop laughing. Her fry are doing fine though. I am starting to see jars all over the house now. I guess it runs in the family. My 15 yr. old daughter Gold severum has just started to spawn too. Very fertile house. I had five kids now were all spawning fish.
I must admit their less hassle...the fish that is!

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