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Re: R/O

> Arild,
> There are still concentrations of other ions int he water that an R/O unit
> would remove. I just hear about all the people keeping really soft water
> fishes using R/O. So they must be on to something...
Maybe you right. I dont know the tap water in your area.
In the area where I live, nobody I know, who got more than one tank use any
type of chemical to dechlorinate the tapp water, no need to do it here.

> Are you suggesting that I just use some PH down to lower the ph and then
> leave it at that?
> Or just lower the PH and add blackwater extract?
I would use both.

I would be carefull with the pH down stuff because it might give you an
algea boom and remember to lower the pH gently to avoid pH shock
I have also used peat to lower the pH and found it quite efficient.

Arild Madsen

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