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Re: Apistogramma Uaupesi - dithers

Neither of these two characins species (they are "sailfins," not tetras) would be appropriate for dithers. Each is quite reserved (particularly the weitzmani) and would not fulfill the role of dither. Furthermore, each of these could be considered bottom dwellers (competing with the Apistos), and each is a cave spawner. These are desirable species to keep (particularly weitzmani), but not as a tank's secondary fish.


At 05:45 AM 5/6/2002, you wrote:
These tetras are found to be in the same collecting
areas as apistos.  However, I was under the assumption
that Crenuchidae spilurus and Poecilocharax weitzmani
are two different species.  Or did you mean that you
found single males of these two species?  Please tell
me where you are located.  I have been looking for
both of these for dithers for my apisto tanks for two
years now!


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