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Re: help needed

In a message dated 5/9/2002 5:34:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, barbara@newland565.fsworld.co.uk writes:

dither fish

Hi Barbara,
first I'm not an expert. From what I understand a dither is used by some breeders to keep the male doing what it would normally do in the wild. Protecting the fry and female from other fish. This way the male himself does not become a threat to the Mother or fry. I guess who could work both ways but, I've so far never used dithers. I usually just remove one who is not taking care of fry.

  As far as breeding it always seems easier to get say 6 juveniles and have them pair off naturally then to just buy a pair and hope they like each other.
I haven't heard as of yet that inbreeding was a problem with apistos as of yet but, if it is someone will say something. I know when dealing with fish like angels. They say to try and breed back one of the offspring to the father to strengthen their lines. So I suppose its not the same as in other animals.
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