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Re: Tank divider

I do the same, but with 3cm foam, it just needs to be a bit wider than the tank so that there's some pressure to hold it in place.

One other thing, be SURE that the divider is significantly (2cm) taller than the water level, if not, there is a possibility that your fish go over, I've had fish jump and also swim over ( the over-flow filter got blocked and the water level rose.)

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Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 17:02:01 +0200
Subject: Tank divider

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Hello Yvan,
I use open cell foam panels 5 cm thick for dividing tanls It works fine & no fry escape this way.
See ya comme tu dis
PS Tu remarqueras que j'ai fait l'incommensurable effort de te répondre dans la langue de Shakespeare.
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