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Re: hydro issue


>hi all,
>one of my breeding tank started last week to show some hydro is there and by
>now they are quite a lot in the tank.
>i was wondering if someone know of any predation on young fry? 

May-be this is not a direct answer to your question, but let me describe some experience I had.

Once my trifasciata spawned. There were around 30 of fry. I moved them to a separate tank (toegether with a fry of viejitas that were born at the same time). After some two weeks most of the fry (both trifasciata and viejita)dissapeared. I noticed then lots of hyhras in the tank.

Two weeks later my trifasciata spawned again. I did not move the fry out and none of them dissapeared. At the beginning there were also around 30 and now, after two months, there are still around 30. No hydras in this tank.

I fed both of the fry groups the same way.

It could mean hydras predation on the fry.

Boleslaw Gawel

Encyklopedia multimedialna w prezencie!

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