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Re: tank divider

I'm new to the list but have an idea.  if you are worried about fry
getting thru than you can try silk that they sell at craft stores.  I
use it for peat filtration in my filter.  It's actually the same stuff
they use when doing pulmonary (and I guess other large vessel type)
surgeries.  It is used to prevent bubbles from forming in blood. 
luckily it works great for tanks too.  you would still need to have some
type of frame, but it could be attached to 2 poles which would fit into
slots on a frame...that way if it started to stretch, you could wrap it
around the pole and it would be tight again.  but for the same amount of
$ you could just get another tank like someone mentioned before.   
  just trying to help, 
look for my description soon...

I'm just here to learn...when it comes to learning, I'm an expert.

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