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Re: Floating plants for a breeding tank?

Hello Tomoko, I don't know what strain I have but I have used it in all 
twelve of my tanks for a couple years.  I got it for free at my LFS one fall 
when pond season was over, they were throwing it out.  I was big and had very 
long roots as a pond plant but grows smaller as an aquarium plant.  It does 
die when it gets too much water on its leaves but reproduces so fast that I 
always have big rosettes.  I have mine so close to the glass that it squashes 
them flat and they still do.  In some of my low light tanks it grows small 
and dark green almost like salvina but if you take those small ones outside, 
in a couple of weeks they are big again like the original pond plants. I use 
it especially in my little bare bottom fry tanks as a kind of edge for water 
quality.  It eats ammonia and lots of other stuff.  I read in a magazine that 
they use it clean up chemical spills because it is so good at taking up 
pollutants.  From my experience the stuff is as hardy as a rock and difficult 
to kill.  Any kind of fry like to hide in the roots.  On a strange note 
possibly of no interest to anyone but me, Glasshouseworks.com lists a velvet 
burgundy splashed variety for eight dollars a rosette.  I have been sorely 
tempted for two years but couldn't bring myself to pay that for a weed.  
Maybe this will be the year I break down.  Thanks, Teresa. 

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