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Re: a stupid question (tagert vs. dither)

Hello Bill

Only reason i didnt mention killies as a dither fish , is that i've said
many times in the past that i regularly use killies in with my
apistos... I presently have chocolate australes breeding in the same
tank as my Sp Mamore Red pair.   I also use Epiplatys Dageti in my
cacatuoides tank, also have red/orange australes in with my Borellis.
I actually prefer NOT to use any dither fish nowadays.... I find that
any fish in the tank with my apistos distracts the fish from spawning...
not the reverse desired effect of creating a stronger "pair bond" and
making them better parents....Only reason i have some killies in with my
apistos now is tank space reasons.   When i really want the apistos to
spawn.... i remove the killies.


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