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Tanks side by side.

I have my tanks set up in racks with the tanks set up end to end....
with the end facing out.. giving me the maximum amount of tanks i can
get into a smaller space rather then setting them up long ways so i can
see the whole tank.

Max...... i leave the side walls between the tanks clear so that pairs
can see the fish in the tank next to them... this does make the fish
"Guard" their fry a little better..... its neat watching males flare at
each other thru the glass walls...I use several flower pots and
driftwood and plants like java ferns in each tank to provide privacy for
breeding but on a whole you can see into each tank from the tank on the
side....I will actually set up 2 or 3 pairs of the same fish in a row so
that males can see eachother and help guard fry with the females.
I presently have MacMasteri and Viejita II all set up side by side.   It
is kind of neat to watch all these similar fish swimming in side by side


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