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Re: Killies as dithers

Ah Max

You see over here in the non killie land, we are much more tolerant of
other things in our tanks besides just killies..  Most killie ppl will
even cry foul if you mention you keep corys in with your killies.   

I think that killies make good tank mates for dwarf cichilds because
they are more top water kind of fish then tetras, danios or other fish.

I am a Cichlid person who keeps killies.... not a killie person keeping
cichlids... there seems to be a very very big difference in
philosophical beliefs on tankmates when it comes to cichlid ppl vs
killie ppl.   

As Gary Wagner used to tell ppl, cichlid ppl believe there are 5
families of fish .

and Feeders....  

I like to think those fit my tanks just fine!


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