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Re: Killies as dithers

Dont get me wrong Max,.... I love my killies.
I even love those little brown ones.... you know rivs.... that arent so
ugly anymore...  I have many tanks with my killies set up in them and
dont even try to worry about breeding them.  I just enjoy the colors of
the fish.   I have 2 species of rivs that my apistos would become dither
fish for... they are much larger and more aggressive then any apisto i

I also have a alot of tanks set up so that you see the whole tank from
the front.   Most of these are 20 longs and 55's.  Kind of hard to set
those tanks up end to end....would need long arms to clean them at the
back end... I do have long arms but not that long....lol

Now heres a question.... when you guys do your photographing..... do you
do it at night when everything is totally dark except for the light on
the tank and your flash??   


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