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Re: well its snowing again...whats snow....

Hello Ray

Yes we're having mickey mouse snow right now, just flurries tonight but
maybe 4 to 12 cm by the morning.   Brrrrrr too late in the spring to
have this kind of weather.

Good luck with the Elizabethae..... thats one species i have never been
fortunate to keep yet.  I do want them.   But your water parameters
sound about right from what i've read about them.... a friend of mine in
Montreal has spawned them and is now working on spawning his first batch
of fry.   Maybe someday I'll get some from George when he has enough of
them to spare....  After reading Romers book in English and drooling
over the pics in the German edition... i see there are still quite a few
species on my wish list.

As far as spawning the Maulbruter.... i did have mine spawn once... but
eggs didnt turn out to be any good.... dont know if my water was acid
enough or what was wrong.   I saw pics that Ade Lau posted showing a
female with fry in her mouth.... so Ade if you wouldnt mind speaking up
and letting us know more about how you had a successful spawn.

Well time to depart for now... yankees are still on the tube.. and


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