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Re: well its snowing/raining in Wyoming and......

Hi John, Rich, and other,

	We got some snow last weekend and it is raining tonite here in
Laramie, Wyoming. I am mainly a lurker on the list.  

	The unknown apisto has spawned with all his 4 females in my 55 gal
discus tank. pH6.5 TDS3200 temp82F. 80% tap water to 20% RO water.
Acidicfy using 1 molarity HCl lowering the pH from 7.8 to 6.5. One clutch
of frys are already free swimming in their own 5 gal tank. I will get a
few more pics later and posted it on the same link.

	The agassizzi tefe I got from Zack (thanks Zack) has spawned also
and the female is guarding a very large clutch of eggs in the same discus

	The maulbruter spawned in a ten gal tank and pH4.0 TDS950ppm
temp78F with 3/4 full of java moss and a tetra sponge filter. I got three
clutches of frys total from the female before she passed away. The male
became very passive after they have spawned and hide for his life as the
female is very aggressive to anything include my fingers and net. I have
a few more detail information listed on my web page that I didn't
mention here. 

	Email me off list if you need any other information.

Laramie, WY

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