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catching those smart fish

I actually made a contraption that i saw on the internet.  initially i
used the bottom of my gravel vac, but found it too narrow.  I cut the
bottom off of a gatorade bottle (i have a bunch of these that i use for
CO2 reactors).  the idea is that you put some food in the top of the
bottleand when the fish comes up in to get it, you put the cap on (or
already have the cap on with a small hole in it and then just use your
finger)this creates the vacuum which holds the water in the bottle (and
the fish).  but, as dave has pointed out, these are smart fish.  i
really haven't had any trouble catching any other fish...even my small
pleco (or large pleco).  initially when i put the net in, he wouldn't
come higher than 2" (5cm) from the floor.  forget trying to get him into
the corner, he knows better.  then when i use the bottle/vac trick, he
won't get anywhere near it.  this one is different from the rest (maybe
wild as opposed to tank?).  my late viejita cm ii readily came to the
surface to eat, as does my aggi, but this one refuses.  it's actually
pretty funny for me, like some kind of slapstick movie...that fish
always wins.  but thanks for the help and keep it coming.  does anyone
know of (or have) a site that i can post pics (mine of course) for the
others to look at?  Thanks again, 

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