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Re: unknown fish

Oh yeah, if anyone wants, they are free to use those pics (only the ones
posted by designated thinker...that's me) unless it's for a book.  i
would like my name in a book...a information book, just in case someone
was thinking along another line.  I would appreciate it if you would
thank max since he is hosting them.
A brief history-a friend told me I would like apisto's b/c their "smart"
and cool to watch.  I bought one.  A. cauc. male.  A few days later, i
bought a "female a. cauc." from the same place.  2 days later, male's
dead.  i then got a "pair" of viejita cm II.  Zero interaction, not even
aggression.  a week later got a "a. cauc" male which is the pic on "the
digital aquarium.  He chased everyone, all of the time, when they got
close to the bottom.  this was all in a 45 or 55 hex...the worst tank. 
I then set up a 75 with bogwood and pots (recommended from Z-man's site,
lots of them was the part i took home).  Added a bunch of plants.  lots
of hiding places.  I also set up a 10 gal for a pair of double red
aggies.  one week later the female aggi was ripped up pretty bad. 
separated them,  next day, dead female.  my "pair" viejita?  nothing. 
there was actually more in terms of interaction and almost pairing
activity betweem the male v cm 2 and the "cauc female"(also on dig. aq) 
the female v died...so i bought another one.  a week later the male
died.  i then went back to my LFS and bought a female that was in a tank
with the males that look like that atahualpa-looking fish.  they
actually tolerated each other and defended about 60% of the 75 gal tank.
 I just want to get some easy apisto's to start and work my way up.  I
hear caucs are nice and easy.  anyone have any input, apart from "please
don't write this much ever again"?  any of you info is appreciated as

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