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RE: unknown fish

yeah, i've already contacted a bunch of people about some fish.  This
list is great.  I wish i knew about it way back when (approx.  6 mo.
ago). My problem is that you can read all of you want on different
sites, but you never know if everything said is the truth.  I do
research and that's a big problem with web sites--posting incorrect
information.  With this list, you know there are REAL people that have
experience, who are willing to share it with you and others.  I am going
to get uwe's book and probably the other one (link and
staeck..,something like that).   I finished the 96 archives and in about
march or april of 97, so i apologize if some of the questions are
repeats from earlier years...but I know things change (like the number
and nomenclature of the apisto. species).  I am still wondering if I can
get some kind of general consensus about the fish I posted on max's
I plan on taking pictures of another fish that I am trying to mate with
the unknown fish.  hope there's a match.  Thanks all.

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