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Re: how do you call...

The F thing is getting too large here--Look if you get two guppies and they are from a friend of yours and they are whatever, welll you put them together and those are the start of your breeding string you can call them f1 their kids are f2 their kids are f3 now the originals that you got could have been 1000 generations from the wild but for you they were f1 it is just a way of nomenclature for you to keep track of what you are working on!!!!!!!
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I am sorry if I am a slow learner but, let me see if I can understand or at least relate my understanding without the F's.
The question as I saw it was if you bred a Wild fish to a captive bred fish. What would it be as far as the F system is concerned?
  My logic would say you have a wild fish being bred for the first time to another fish regardless of whether or not the other fish is wild it would be the first generation of those fish being bred in captivity. Does that make any sense?
  If not I'm here to learn, Teach me!<G>

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