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Re: how do you call...

Hey Jerr it'salways good to do that The Cf's of cacatuoides that I have gotten the last few times have been so intensely line bred taht they will no longer spawn--The Germans were choosing their breeders on the basis of the color of the females. They ended up getting females that wouldn't spawn and males that wouldnt either. I have some of the best looking cacatuoides males you have ever seen they came from Germany and they will not breed!!!!!!!!! i have one pair out of twelve taht will and they throw everything in the book from wild looking ones to Orange blaze--I think in the end it is impossible to "fix" a color form of cacatuoides!
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Another Wow...
I think I almost followed that. Old brain you know. I will save that for sure and put it in my things to really get a grasp of.
In my case I do have some Wild Cacatuoides which I would like to cross with some domestic triple reds. I actually want both things. I want the instincts of the original wild fish to be keep intact along with the nicer color of the captive breed. I do, do some selective breeding for desired traits that I see in certain fish. Of course I use the same genus in doing this.
                                                   Thanks much Dave
                                                   that was great stuff.

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