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Re: unknown fish

Does anyone have any ideas about cohabitation among different apisto's
in aquaria?  In other words, can I put a couple different apisto types
(two or three at most) in one tank (75 gal), and still get some spawning
with minimal aggression?  also, what about monomagous vs. polygamous
fish?  would it be better to have 2 or 3 monogamous pairs, than 2 or 3
triplets?  forgive me if i'm using "triplet" wrong...i kinda assumed it
meant one male and 2 females in order to maintain a suitable habitat for
polygamous apistos.  I know the atahualpas won't share with any other
apisto.  my aggi is pretty aggressive too.  since he is solo, i have him
in my crappy hex show tank, and he and the dwarf gourami go round and
round.  is it true that adding a mate will quell this behavior?  

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