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High density fish tank

Hi fellow aquarists,
I've recently bought 130 litre aquarium (45x55cm footprint, 70cm high). Last two weeks I've been searching on the internet for fish I like and find that I really like Apistogramma and Pelvicachromis sp. I saw that everyone seriously interested in breeding uses 10 gallon tanks for single pairs. But breeding is not my main goal (though succesful spawning would be a bonus) I'm mainly interested in keeping attractive fishes so I thought of high density fish set-up to which I found few references in archives.
>"I have always kind of thought that those high density wetups work because
>there is no opportunity to establish territories in the normal sense.  There
>just isn't enough space, and there are too many intruders to keep them all out
>of your turf."
I'd like to hear anybody's experiences with such set-ups. Is it really solution to aggression of dwarf cichlids? I'll appreciate any tips for particular species that would fit into this set-up. I thought about five to ten pairs of really different species- one or two pairs of each. At the end of week I'm going for a visit to my local fish supplier so I would like to hear your comments beforehand. I could also add small school of some dither fish to cover also upper strata with fish, what do you think?
I plan to have fine white sand on the bottom and two sides as walls from lava rocks to provide as much caves and slots as possible. I plan lots of plants but haven't decided on particular strains- I would love to hear your input on this. What are right plants into this setup?
I count with extra care for additional filtering, cleaning and massive water changes that are associated with high-density aquarium.
Thank you very much for help!
Lean Oric