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Re: sp. Morado

No Mike, you're right. The female Morado are very different from any females
I've had before. For one they have much more color than I've usually
observed in Apisto females. Normally they look like a non-descript female,
but in brooding coloration they actually take on a darker pattern with lots
of blue/green iridescence and more intense coloration. There's actually only
a little yellow to speak of during brood care. The first time I saw the
females in brood color I was amazed. I think they're probably one of the
nicest looking females I've seen. David, you saw the picture of the female,
and you commented on how different it was too.

I'd post the pictures to the net, but I seem to be incapable of doing so,
either through my own technological ineptitude, or some problem with my
computer (sadly probably the former).


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