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Re: Breeding Tank for MacMasteri

Hello Sebastian

I presently have 2 breeding pairs of MacMasteri Rednecks.   I have both
pairs set up in their own 10 gallon tank... no substrate at the moment
in either tank.  I do have several java ferns and some small sword
plants in flower pots set up in each tank.   One tank has a nice piece
of drift wood with java ferns attached to it.
I actually have no flower pots in one tank and only one flower pot for
spawning purposes in the other tank.   The tank lacking a flower pot has
the piece of driftwood in it.    My water is fairly soft.... about 20ppm
and a pH of 6.0 ( maybe just a little less), water temperature is 78F...
and no other fish in each tank.... just the pair in each tank.  

Both pairs are excellent parents... one tank has fry thats almost
sexable in it right now.  I do need to move those fry so i can get that
pair to spawn again.   

As far as temperment of the fish, they arent too aggressive... the male
in the tank with the smaller female is a bit aggressive... the other
pair is fairly well matched size wise, when i started off with my 2
pairs, i had one female that was larger then the other three fish... the
males have caught up in size and are now both larger then their mates.
Both fish do well at guarding the fry... i have clear sidewalls so that
they can see the fish in the tank next to them.

I feed my apistos a varied diet of Tetra Color bits.. spirulina flake
food, newly hatched bbs and frozen bloodworms.   They seem to eat
everything offered to them.   Good luck with your fish..... hope this
helps you out.


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