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Re: (Now on topic): Whats the weirdest behavour you have seen in fish

I've been keeping Ap. Steindachneri for about a year now and never saw any striping worth talking about on any of them. Yesterday I put some Nanochromis Transvestitus in the same tank (no space anywhere else) and now the Steindachners are more like Anomalochromis Thomasi! Really strong stripes and weird colours.

I'll separate them all as soon as possible cos I don't know where this might lead ( I don't want anybody to end up dead.)


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From: "Nick & Heidi"
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 13:51:48 +0930
Subject: (off topic): Whats the weirdest behavour you have seen in fish

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The weirdest thing I have seen so far is with my firemouths and festivums, the firemouths clean the festivums.

The festivum goes upright and hovers in the tank while the firemouths go around it pecking at it almost like what saltwater cleaner shrimp do.

This is very weird to me. I have never seen this behaviour before in any of the fish I have keep.

Any comments.

Cheers Nick

Broken Hill NSW



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