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Re: Apistogramma moae

I think after all this talk, I've gotta agree with John. Rare or not, they
weren't the most impressive fish I've had, and if I had to pick a limited
number of species I could keep, moae wouldn't make the top 5. They were nice
to play with, but I sold them because they just didn't stand out. They're
rare (whether I had them or not, can't really prove it one way or the other
at this point), but rarity isn't everything. If Apisto sp.
ivegotemandyoudont is so-so for looks, and has few or no special
characteristics, then I won't be crushed if I don't have it. I'll hold out
for Apisto sp. reallypurtyfish.

John, I think you should complain to the weather people and tell them to
check the thermostat. It's summer now; snow is for winter. We even finally
figured that out here in MN.


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