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Edit all replies please

Reminder: This is meant to be an informative list and we hold you, our respected
participants, to higher standards of submission than the internet as a whole.
Please edit your submissions.


We are not writing graffitti on the bathroom walls here.  Keeping a complete
train-of-consciousness record of a thread and repeating it over and over
with every email is not good editing practice.

In particular, do you really thing quoting the apisto list footer even once
makes any sense? And then to quote it over and over and over? 

Could I remind everyone that hitting reply and quoting the entire message
is unacceptable for this list.

If you are taking the time to make a useful contribution to the list
then please take the time to cut down the length of the message. You
can even take the trouble to combine replies to several people in one
well thought out message. Once again, you can use your emails thread
abilities to follow the thread if you need to, or subscribe to the digest.


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