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Re: Apistogramma moae/ Here's the best PICS I could get

on 5/22/02 1:13 PM, Mike & Diane Wise at apistowise@fgn.net wrote:

> Your fish seems to have all the characteristics of A. moae. I'm on
> totally positive about this, but I'm about 80% sure that it is.

Mike, do you mean the true moae, or the cf. eunotus moae, or some other
"moae"? Just curious since I'm already getting confused about what's what
since moae isn't necessarily moae and eunotus isn't eunotus, and help.

As for the caudal, if I remember correctly, there weren't any stripes. It
yellowed towards the back, but that was pretty much the extent of
markings/color in the caudal fin.


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