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Re: Apistogramma moae/ Here's the best PICS I could get

Hmmm, so then we've come full circle, somewhat. That's all I was curious
about. The names have been flying so when you said they looked like moae, I
wanted to be sure you meant moae.

So would I be justified somewhat in still calling them moae for the time
being? ...I think in the absence of proof to the negative, that's what I'll
do. Hear that Jerry and Randy, I *might* have actually gotten it right.
Course the ones Randy ended up with still look different. Oh well, some's
better than none.

I think the source material is rather limited, so I wouldn't want to
sacrifice any of them for study at the moment, and I don't think Jerry would
either. However, if I can get some back and spawn them again, I'd be happy
to send you a few to check out in living color. I could also borrow a
friend's camera and try to get a selection of photos.


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