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Re: One More try at a better PIC...of eunotus/moae

Gee Brownie

Dont get all upset.. i didnt think the pic was that bad... i actually
like the color in the fish.... very nice fish.... now are you sure it
isnt an Algodon I?? lol.... there that'll add fuel to the fire lately!!
Maybe that "ole Man" can answer some of these questions..... im thinking
of getting a digital camera but dont want to pay $1000.... i just want
to be able to take decent pics, like the ones that Rich G took.... how
much was that camera Rich?   I dont need anything that takes better pics
then that!

Anyways.... got more fish today!!!   Thanks Mike J..... gonna have to go
play the lottery now so i win and set up more tanks.... lol.... 

Have a good day ppl!

John "where it hasnt snowed in 2 days"

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