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Re: Biotecus opercularis and new apistogramma questions

Congrats on the Bio spawn Ade!!!

Sal and Rich were really helpful with me too but i could never get mine
to spawn.... no matter what i did..... it was the wrong thing...
Another Nemesis fish for me i guess.... 

As far as Gibbiceps is concerned... i had some a few years back, wild
caught fish i got from Julio.   Mine did very well for me.. They spawned
several times in a 10 gallon tank, but as a group not with just single
pair.... i had like 2 males 3 females in the tank and got spawns.. there
wasnt much aggression amongst the fish either... I dont know if i was
lucky or not... but thats how it worked for me... pH was in the 6.0
range.... temps were around 80F.... very soft water... like 50ppm
hardness... I had several flower pots in the tank... at least one pot
per fish... used a hydro sponge as my filter..... fed live foods and
pellet stuff.... that was when i was still using live blackworms... they
went nuts for them... also hatched bbs everyday... used daphnia and
frozen blood worms along with flake food and tetra bits ( color bits ...
oops )
.... spawns werent big... maybe like 30 in a batch.   

Good luck with them..... 


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