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More Cren. Puntulata!

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago my Crenicara Puntulata spawned:-). Unfortunately the fry were eaten while I was away (I had to go to the UK for a funeral:-(). In any case the dominant female laid another batch of fry this week (eaten this time - I suspect because of over-crowding). I must check my water parameters 'cos I must be doing something right! I know that it's not water changes because I've not managed to do any for at least 10 days (5 days away and then no water for 3 days).
I'll let you all know what it shows. 
Unfortunately I won't be able to do anything serious about what I discover for a while because I'm just about to move house. If you want to read about this subject I'm just about to post on this subject. 
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