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Plans for the new house

As you might have seen earlier, I'm planning on moving house soon.
The up-sides of this are that;
1 I'll be able to dedicate a whole floor to my fishes 
2 I'll have my own well water
3 I'll (finally) be able to get broad band, so I won't have to wait a couple of days to be able to catch up with the list
4 I'll (finally) be able to organise things so that I don't have pipes running across the floor

The downsides are that;
1 I'll be a lot poorer:-(
2 I'll have to buy a whole load of expanded polistyrene sheeting, 1 high power pump, 1 average power pump, a couple of water heaters and another RO filter to get the most out of what I'll have. Let me explain. First off the polistyrene is because of my electric bills (last month I got a bill for over 1000 dollars!) For the rest; RO filters work best at certain pressures and temperatures. I have a new (approx)800 gallon tank arriving. I'll use the av. powered pump (controlled by a float valve) to lift the water to the heater (the other one's for the hot water) where it'll be heated to the required temp. It'll then be pumped (using the high power pump) through the RO filter(s). On this subject:
Can anybody tell me whether the ideal pressure will be the same for all RO units. The ones I have my eye on are either a 600 or 2000 litre per day (200-600 gallons pre day) units from a company called Osmosis in France. At present I have a 150 lpd (50gpd) unit from the same company. Do you know whether I'll be able to hook the two up in parallel?
>From the RO units the water'll go into 1 (or more) holding tanks which will then be gravity fed (using a rainbird garden irrigation controller) into the tanks. This will allow me to set the water hardness to any desired level and maintain it automatically.
I know it all sounds like a lot of water (hence the advantage of having a well - only discovered yesterday) and a fair amount of outlay, but then again, I've got contacts in the water/plumbing industry and I'm also using "standard" equipment and nothing custom made. I also have a lot of tanks (60 breeding tanks and counting!) When you get to this number this sort of equipment isn't too over the top, in fact I've found automation indispensible, especially as I'm having to hold down a job at the same time<:-0.
To be honest I don't think I'll be installing it all at the same time, but it'll happen over the coming months (years?)
For those interested the fish I have breeding at the moment are
Nijsenni (3 pairs in different tank)
Cruzi (2 from the complex but I'm still not sure exactly which they are)
Steindachneri (2 pairs in different tanks)

Transvetitus (yes Ray, the ones I picked up in the UK on Friday last)

Anomalochromis Thomasi


I've also got various other Apistos/crenicichlas waiting for tanks (they're in tanks which aren't automated at the moment and aren't breeding or are too young)

As you might have figured by now, the Apisto bug hasn't just bitten, it's raging:-). My trouble is I just can't say "no."

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