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Re: Anomalochromis Thomasi

Hello Teresa

Its mostly patience and experience.... In time you'll see the same
things we see.   We are just experienced hobbyist, same as you will be
in time.   Thomasi to this day still give me fits when trying to sex
them and i've spawned them many different times with several different
pairs. My best luck with Thomasi was to have about 5 of them in a 20
long set up with flower pots on each end... gravel bottom, several
plants in the middle and on cave/flower pot in the center of the
tank.... a pair would always find one of the outside flower pots and
choose it to spawn on.  
When in spawning  mood, Thomasi are a very attractive fish.... too bad
they dont get the same respect that alot of other dwarf cichlids get.
What livebearer are you keeping them with??

As for the Borellii... dont look for color... look at the dorsal fin....
pointed dorsal fins will be boys. Better way to sex them then looking
for color.. my females always have a rounded dorsal fin.

Good luck with your fish


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