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Re: A. moae, or the lack therof.

To let everyone know what Zack's been talking about, I've included a photo of the fish I got from him as A. moae. The inset photo is of the fish when it was younger (notice the sorter back end of the dorsal which is consistent with moae). However, once the fish matured, I recognized that the dorsal disqualified it from being moae and that the only possible candidate left (from well-described fishes) was eunotus. At that time, Zack assumed that he had mistakenly given me some other wild-caught fish other than what he originally thought was moae. Perhaps what I have is the same that Jerry has.

Anyway, here is a temporary link to a photo of that fish...



At 11:01 PM 5/25/2002, you wrote:
Not real sure. I guess when I saw them at Randy's house they didn't really
remind me of the ones I had before, but they weren't exactly in their
natural setting. I think they probably resembled Randy's eunotus more than
the other ones. Still, all that means is they *might* be two different forms
of eunotus.


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