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Really Skinny Fish

Hi Everyone.
I just wanted to ask for your advice regarding some fish that were given to
me by a friend who is moving out of town.
He gave me a pair of rams and an A. trifasciata.  All three fish are VERY
thin, with concave bellies rather than convex.  They are very pale, with the
rams in particular almost completely lacking their normal black markings.
They are also swimming strangely, as if their caudal areas were very heavy,
so that their lower bodies hang down.
The 3 fish are currently in my 10 gallon quarentine tank, which has a well
established filter, pH 6.3, nitrites and nitrates below the limit of my test
kits ability to detect them.  All three fish are feeding heavily, attacking
food as soon as I put it in the tank.

Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong with these fish?  Their swimming
has improved a little in the 2 weeks since I got them, but they still look
pretty poorly.  Suggestions, as always are welcome.

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