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Re: New Apisto

>>>The fish that got the "oohs & ahs" was the Highfin "Nijsseni" form from Peru ...
It was more like involuntary gasps for air.  I think even some of the die-hard African Rift Cichl-idiots were amazed!  If this fish does become available in the states, watch out for the feeding frenzy and high prices.  Mike, any idea if it's easy or hard to breed?
BTW, excellent presentation.  Folks attending the ACA will be impressed, especially since he's upgrading some of his slides.  My only complaint was that an hour was too short of time to cover Apistos in depth, especially considering that the Apisto world is changing so fast these days with new fish introductions and scientific analysis in the works.  sigh...
Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL