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Re: dropsy?

Could this be from bad blackworms?  I always rinse them like a freak
(about 10 minutes or so--until nothing is seen in the pour-off water)but
I know from previous lists that they are pretty dirty.  The problem is
that all of my apistos love the blackworms more than everything else.  I
am afraid to try the other worms because most of the comments about them
are pretty much bad results...as opposed to blackworms which seems to be
yielding more positive results than negative.  It would be cool if
someone new of the various diseases the live worms can carry.  thanks
for the help, both on and off list.  

>>> apistowise@fgn.net 06/04/02 10:58 AM >>>

This could be anything. Some of it sounds like poison in the water.
shotgun medicating I would recommend several massive water changes. This
not be the problem because I would expect all the fish to behave
Either way it won't hurt to try this first.

Mike Wise

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