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Maulbruter... Help!

OK Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have a female carrying..now what?  Has anyone bred these mouth brooders and willing to share some information.  I have bred mouth brooding cichlids from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika but never an Apisto.
I have 4 in a 30 GL. "I know, a lot of space for 4 Apistos!), but it was the only tank available. The dominant male and the female are chasing the daylight out of the other two, especially the male.  They both are protecting one side of the tank, female doesn't eat and very evident that she's carrying.
>Does she carry until the fry are free swimming?
>How long does she carry for?
>Do I remove her and put her in a 5 gl tank by herself?
Any information greatly appreciated