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Re: Maulbruter

Hello everyone, Rich
	I am sorry to hear that but as we all know that not many of us will get
frys from the first spawn.  Just a reminder that maybe she is hiding them
(very few frys per spawn).  Is she still yellow?  Well I know if you keep
them happy and you will be rewarded.  Now, what can I do to get my
cacautoides to spawn for me????????  I still can't spawn those guys.  :)

	By the way, I know I need to copyright my pics on my website for someone
on the list for their club article.  I didn't forget about you but I have
been very, very, very busy.  Too much writing and too many synthesis to do.   

	Is there any cichlid club in San Francisco, San Jose area?  Or just
general fish club?  If anyone belongs to those club can you please email me
offlist?  Thanks in advance!!!   
Laramie, WY 

At 03:04 PM 6/5/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I left the pair together when my female was carrying,
>and nothing ever came of it. they are both still doing
>very well, but no fry has appeared. guess i'll just
>have to try again.

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